Desert tour and imperial cities from Marrakech, Rabat, Casablanca

Morocco Holiday Packages offer a diverse range of tours depending on the length of the journey from 1 day to 10 or 15 days throughout Morocco:  Sahara desertHigh Atlas MountainsOceanImperial citiesRivers and ½ day discovering the old town or Medina of Marrakesh, Souks and Gala night.

Each of our tours is custom-designed specifically for private or small groups, with a balanced mix of travelling, sightseeing, cultural encounters, and free time. Freedom and flexibility, that we provide, will make the most out of your authentic and personal travel experience. The Morocco Holiday Packages team will show you the best highlights and the unexpected. Moreover, we generally spend at least two nights in most places.

The Morocco Holiday Packages tours include a great deal of thoughtful and engaging sightseeing and activities, from guided city tour, camel ride experience in Palm Grove of Marrakesh, Moroccan cookery classes and visit of the souks “ market “. In major cities you’ll usually have time to explore on your own after a guided city tour. Traveling from one destination to another isn’t always just a transfer; it’s an added opportunity to visit a special village, historic site, or ancient ruin.

The dynasties of Morocco

The dynasties of Morocco

The dynasties of Morocco..For centuries, Morocco, whose essence lies in a culturally rich mosaic of Arabic, European, and African influences, has...
Morocco culture tour via desert

Morocco Top Attractions

Morocco Top Attractions: Ben Youssef  Medersa,  Marrakech Morocco Top Attractions…The Saadian Sultan  Abdallah Al Ghallib rebuilt this...
The outdoors in Morocco

The outdoors in Morocco

The outdoors in Morocco…Blessed with endless beaches, mountains, deserts, and plains that stretch as far as the eye can see. Morocco offers...
Moroccan souks

Moroccan souks

Moroccan souks Moroccan souks..Never understand what you might find in the souk. From Art Deco gems in Marrakesh’s collectibles market to a...
Fes to Marrakech 4 days Sahara tour

Morocco Planner

Morocco Planner Safety Despite neighboring regime changes, Morocco continues to be a safe and popular tourist destination for international...
Morocco Today

Morocco Today

Morocco Today Politic Following the fall of regimes in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, and Yemen, and major unrest in neighboring Algeria, the world’s...

Idrissid Dynasty

788 – 1000: Under the regime of Oqba Ibn Nafi, Arabs spread the religion of Islam and its holy language, Arabic, both of which took hold (...
Morocco Desert Custom Tours, Sahara Private Trips, Imperial City Packages

Predynastic Morocco

1200 – AD 700: As Phoenician trading settlements expanded along the Mediterranean, the Romans also began to spread west through North...
Morocco Tour via Chefchaouen. Night in desert camp with camel ride

The Dynasties of Morocco

For centuries, Morocco, whose essence lies in a culturally rich mosaic of Arabic, European, and African influences, has lured and intrigued...